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I learned a lot through this course. The articles provided in the course are very informative and the essay topics really make you think. Amanda and my tutor Bella were very helpful. Bella is very kind and gives great feedback.

Angelica, Ashburn VA
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MKUTI and Trainers, What a wonderful experience I had going through the Montessori training program with MKU. My learning was greatly enhanced and the tutors were so patient and kind in helping me through the course. I absolutely enjoyed this training and highly recommend it to others.

Michelle-Katy Texas
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This Montessori certification program offered me, a full-time working mom of two, an opportunity to obtain a real Montessori certification without having to leave my job or family to study in a traditional classroom setting.

Julia's- Homewood, AL
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This was SO very informative and so very beneficial! A more thorough accreditation than offered by other programs. I would recommend this course to EVERYONE looking to become a Montessori Lead!

Elyssa- Hutto TX