Frequently Asked Questions

Program Information

To enroll in the program and pay for the course, download the Student Enrollment Form found in the drop down under the Enroll Now tab. Upon completion, scan and email to  [email protected].  Upon receipt and processing, you will be contacted by an Academic Advisor with instructions for next steps.

Please refer to the Tuition/ Fees tab for all of tuition information. This can be found in the drop down under the Enroll Now tab on the website.

A laptop or computer, and access to the internet are required to complete this course. In addition to paying your tuition, you will be required to purchase your training manuals directly from our vendor through the secure PayPal link on the site. The required reading books are included in the tuition and will be sent to you directly.

Students may withdraw from the program with refund (less $150. processing fee) if notice of withdrawal is received within 3 days of registration. Written notice is sent to [email protected]. Refunds (less $150.) will be mailed to address on file within 30 days of notification. The student will be responsible for any outstanding or unpaid financial obligations prior to refund.

In the event a student must postpone or interrupt training after training begins; the student will have 6 months to continue training. Failure to resume training within 6 months will result in a new registration with all fees due.

MKUTI adheres to the original tenets of the Montessori principles of education, staying true to the principles of the Montessori philosophy. MKUTI gives individual guidance to each student in training. Close geographic proximity to one of our Montessori Kids Universe network of schools may provide students the opportunity for an internship or
mentoring opportunity. Our staff is deeply committed to every student’s success on their journey of becoming a Montessori educator.

Our Early Childhood program takes 6 months to complete. We are a time sensitive program, so students must commit to this training and work daily or weekly to complete in this time frame.

You will receive a set of training manuals, ordered directly through our vendor; as well as two novels written by Dr. Maria Montessori.

Absolutely!  MKUTI prepares you for a traditional Montessori classroom setting, as well as providing the tools and resources to create a Montessori-at-Home classroom.

The course is offered only in English.

Yes, email us at [email protected]om with “Group Discounts” in the header. We will contact you to discuss group training discounts.  

Upon successful completion, you will attain an MKU Training Institute Diploma.

Certifications & Requirements

MACTE is the acronym for Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education. MACTE accreditation is the gold seal for Montessori teacher training centers, representing the highest and best Montessori teacher training in the world. MKUTI is currently beginning the arduous process to attain this recognition. This accreditation takes over a year to attain and is   awarded to the training center that meets the criteria, not the individual student! Upon attainment of the MACTE accreditation, the training center may award the student upon successful completion of the rigors and requirements. Upon completion of the core modules of MKUTI, those students who desire MACTE accreditation will be required to complete a self-directed residency and internship at a Montessori school.

This is a long process; we are currently in the beginning stages of the process. MACTE will evaluate the depth and breadth of our current training coursework. Upon initial review by their evaluators, we have been told that our training surpasses many on-line options and is content rich. We will be sure to keep our students updated on our progress.

Yes, completion of MKU Training course will be the first step in the rigorous process. MACTE accreditation is not required for MKUTI students. Those students who desire the MACTE accreditation will be required (upon successful completion of MKUTI course) to continue their training to meet the MACTE requirements. A self-directed residency (120 hours) as well as an internship in a Montessori classroom (under the supervision of an AMS or AMI certified educator), are required for MACTE accreditation.

MKUTI is not currently offering the MACTE training option, however we do plan this for the future. Stay tuned!

No! MKUTI training is open to anyone anywhere in the world.  Affiliation with a Montessori Kids Universe school is not required.

No; students completing the MKU Training coursework are not required to complete a residency or internship. In the future, those students who choose the MACTE path for accreditation will be required to successfully complete a residency and internship. This MACTE accreditation is not currently offered thought MKUTI, however we are working on the overall plans and intend to offer this in the future.

Yes! Our carefully developed curriculum was created through a collaboration of AMS and AMI Montessori training educators. We believe our training is content rich from the core philosophy to classroom management and material presentations.