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MKUTI adheres to the original tenets of the Montessori principles of education, staying true to the principles of the Montessori philosophy. MKUTI provides individual guidance and support to each student in training. Additionally, geographic proximity to a Montessori Kids Universe school may provide students the opportunity for an internship, mentoring or potential job opportunity. Our staff is deeply committed to every student’s success on their journey of becoming a Montessori educator.

Anyone who is interested in obtaining Montessori teacher training is welcome. You must hold a high school degree or GED (equivalency) and be at least 18 years old. We offer rolling admissions to begin training at any time

You will begin the process by filling in the online application and ordering your manuals. Once you have received your manuals and paid your tuition you will receive a Welcome Letter. This letter will instruct you on next steps as well as how to register on our training platform. At that point, you may begin your training.

Upon successful completion of each MKUTI course, you will receive an MKU Training Institute Diploma.

Students may withdraw from the program with refund within 3 days of date of registration. Refunds (less $100. for administrative fee) will be made within 30 days of receiving written notification. The student will be responsible for any outstanding or unpaid financial obligations prior to refund. In the event a student must postpone or interrupt training after training begins; the student will have 12 months to continue. Failure to continue training within 12 months will result in a new registration with all fees due.

No. Although this is not a requirement, there is no substitute for “hands-on” experience. We recommend that you seek an internship, assistant, or volunteer position in a Montessori classroom to apply your skills.

Yes! Our content-rich, carefully developed curriculum covers everything from the core philosophy to classroom management and material presentations. Additionally, you will be supported by a personal tutor to guide and support you inyour educational journey.

Yes! We adhere to a strict timeline of 6 months for our students to complete their training. We understand that sometimes extenuating circumstances get in the way. We will work with each student on an individual basis in the case of a possible delay for completion. If you can devote more time to your studies, you may complete your training sooner than 6 months.

Email us at support@mkutraining.com with the subject header “Group Discount” and we will be in touch with our multiple student discount details.

You are required to purchase a set of training manuals through our partner, Montessori Research and Development and two novels written by Maria Montessori. Additionally, you will need a reliable internet connection, a computer/laptop (cannot be completed on a phone). Some assignments will require a video submission of presenting Montessori materials, so it may be required that you have access to or purchase certain Montessori materials.

No; MKUTI training is open to anyone, anywhere! Affiliation with an MKU school is not required.

The MKU Training Institute diploma program prepares adult learners to authentically
guide children to proficiency and skill mastery in a Montessori classroom environment.
Upon course completion, students will have a clear understanding of the philosophy,
methodological processes, as well as hands-on implementation of didactic classroom
materials. The MKUTI diploma program provides proof of completion of Montessori
teacher training for a specific age group. Eligibility for hire is not guaranteed. MKUTI is
not responsible for employee placement.

The training is offered in English only.

MKUTI was created and is operated by MACTE certified Montessori teachers. However, our program does not require any in-person curriculum hours or student teaching hours. All accredited (AMS, AMI, MACTE) programs will require a minimum of 100+ classroom hours, hence why none are available completely online. We are a robust, authentic, and well-rounded online-only training program. Being accessible to everyone is the goal, and by remaining non-affiliated with an accreditation program we can do that and are also able to keep our tuition at a much more affordable rate while you still gain the same value within training.