MKUTI Infant Toddler Teacher Training

MKUTI Infant/Toddler Environment (0-3)


The MKUTI Infant Toddler training program prepares the teacher to lead an Infant/Toddler (0-6) classroom. The teacher will be prepared to encourage infants and toddlers to explore and discover their own independence all while providing opportunities for sensory, cognitive, language, social, and cultural activities. Our Montessori training center will train aspirants to address the natural tendencies of the child’s developmental process.  Imagine a 4-month old feeding herself with a spoon. An 18-month-old joyfully picking out his clothing and dressing himself. A 2-year-old helping her baby sister put on her shoes. This is the power of Montessori at work in the lives of young children.

Dr. Maria Montessori, the Italian educator and scientist who, more than 100 years ago, developed the system of education that bears her name, knew that during the period from birth to age 3, a child’s brain develops more rapidly than at any other time, and more learning takes place than at any other stage of development. Recognizing the importance of these formative years, the Montessori approach to infants and toddlers supports starting in the earliest of years.

After the completion of MKUTI’s Infant Toddler training program you will be able to confidently prepare and provide an infant toddler environment that is safe, calm, and carefully designed, which will truly nurture the physical and spiritual wellbeing of young children.