Let us unite to Nurture, Inspire and Educate our children

Having opened and operated 19 Montessori schools to date; we were blatantly aware of the global shortage of Montessori teachers. Upon launching a network of Montessori schools through-out the world, you can now easily find a Montessori training near me which were established to fight the shortage of these schools. Facing this head on, the decision was made to begin development of a teacher training institute. Aligning with experienced teams of AMI and AMS certified educators; development of MKU Training Institute began in 2016.

We are proud to offer our Montessori training through distance learning and online training platform. MKUTI delves deeply into the Montessori pedagogy providing each student a deep foundation to begin a career in this gratifying profession. Development of Montessori training program course has been a laborious project, albeit a labor of love. Our goal is to offer accessible and affordable Montessori teacher education to anyone in the world.

MKU Training Institute (MKUTI) training is delivered via distance education. We currently offer Early Childhood level training; (3-6 years). Our Infant/Toddler training is currently in development. Students may enroll anytime (rolling admissions)  for homeschool Montessori training. There are no required “start dates” or semesters. Students will progress through their training and required assignments based on their start date. This training takes approximately 6 months to complete. We understand people are busy; however, we recommend a minimum of 4 hours of study time per week to stay on track.


Vision & Mission Statements

Our Mission

MKU Training Institute commits to delivering authentic Montessori training to all students providing a deep foundation in the Montessori philosophy, methods, materials.


Our Vision

Guiding the child in becoming a confident, compassionate, and productive individual in society. Our goal is to make authentic Montessori teacher training programs available and affordable to anyone globally.



MKUTI is committed to helping adult learners meet their career goals. We are dedicated to preserving the tenets and teachings of Montessori as created by Dr. Maria Montessori.

Feel The Difference

One of the many benefits of MKU Training Institute is that we are the only training center in the world that is affiliated with an international network of Montessori schools, Montessori Kids Universe. Affiliation with a Montessori Kids Universe school is not required to take this training. Although internships are not required as a part of training, we are pleased to offer introductions (geographically accessible) as an opportunity for students to mentor seasoned teachers. We understand the value of “hands on” application of skills and will assist to facilitate as openings arise.

Our training curriculum was developed over a 3-year period. We aligned with AMS and AMI certified Montessori training faculty to develop our training. Our faculty developers and our tutors have spent years teaching in classrooms, as well as brick and mortar Montessori teacher training centers. Our goal was to create the most comprehensive, distance learning Montessori training that exists.  We hope you enjoy your journey!