Role Of Montessori Educators In Character Building Of Students

Role Of Montessori Educators In Character Building Of Students

There is nothing unnatural in trying to look for the best education possible for your child as a parent. With so many options available, it might, however, be difficult to pick the right option for your kid. After all, your decision will impact your child’s education as well as character for the rest of the life in a long way.

For many millennial parents, schooling and education starts from Montessori for their kids. And, there are more reasons than you can pen about the advantages of Montessori.

Character (Citizen) Education

Dr. Montessori focused her teaching methodology on the whole child – physically, , spiritually, emotionally and academically. Her elaborate study on human child potential made her create modeling character-virtues. It included lessons such as grace and courtesy which you will not usually think of when considering traditional method of education. For instance, conflicting resolution is one of the basic studies by Montessori and it helps a lot in character building. Even the “prepared environment”, as  professional montessori educators would create, can assure awareness to order and self-discipline. Montessori said human potential that “…education at this age [elementary] concerns the child’s exploration of the moral field, discrimination between good and evil… In the field of morality, the child now stands in need of his own inner light.”

Character education is needed more than ever in today’s world. It is essential to help children establish their own sense of virtue and morality to survive in this challenging world. Dr. Montessori believed children learn virtue, wisdom, courage, honesty, and character when they are surrounded by the right set of people and mentors. They need to hear, read, and tell stories that model the virtues. The teachers must guide the children to achieve their best.

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation

There have been a lot of studies about the benefits of Montessori education. Many experts believe students in the 21st century must be self-initiating, self-modifying, and self-directing. It is, with the passage of time that human kids have more capacity to learn and change consciously, continuously, and quickly. They should implore the self skills that extend just beyond fixing problems; rather, they must anticipate and look for creative solutions. When grown up, these individuals will be recognized as informed, skilled, and compassionate citizens. Incorporating and valuing virtues such as creativity, truth, openness, interdependence, balance, and love must be practiced as well as respected.

Montessori training allows teachers to understand about how to create the foundation of all these virtues. The students learn to think for themselves without being biased. When you have completed Montessori training from reputed institutions, you can encourage students to learn relevant, challenging, and thought-provoking questions.

Encourage your Montessori students to do and believe virtues of life by successsfully completing courses from MKU Training Institue. They not just provide a rich curriculum centered on the development of the whole child but also for each age group that coveres aspects of character building.

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