Early Childhood (3-6)

The MKU Early Childhood training program prepares the teacher to lead the EC (3-6) classroom. The teacher will be prepared to encourage preschoolers to explore and discover, to collaborate with classmates, and to take ownership of their education. The Montessori Method encourages self-directed learning that promotes self-confidence, independent thought and action, and critical thinking, while fostering social-emotional and intellectual growth. This is one of the most gratifying jobs in childcare careers!

Uninterrupted blocks of work time ( 2+ hours in length) allow children to work at their own pace and fully immerse themselves in an activity without interruption. The professional Montessori educators will select an activity for the child’s work cycle, performing it for as long it remains interesting, cleaning up the activity and returning it to the shelf, and making another work choice. This cycle respects individual variations in the learning process, facilitates the development of coordination, concentration, independence, and a sense of order, while facilitating the child’s assimilation of information. MKUTI, the most reputed Montessori teacher education center trains it teachers to understand how to guide the child to mastery of specific skills in a carefully planned learning environment.


Carefully Planned Environment

A Montessori Early Childhood classroom should feel more like a home than a school. You will not see desks, nor will a teacher stand at the front of the room delivering a lesson to the whole class. Instead, you will see children working individually or in small groups, at tables or on the floor near small mats that delineate their own space.

Specially designed learning materials are displayed on open shelves, easily accessible to the children. Upon successful completion of MKUTI’s Early Childhood Program you will be prepared to gently guide your students to help maintain the organization and cleanliness of your environment to keep it orderly and attractive, and to help children understand how to respect and care for materials.

Primary Curriculum Ages 3-6 Years

MKU Training Institute Early Childhood

MKU Training Institute Early Childhood Program delves deeply into the philosophy and pedagogy of Montessori. Students will gain a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the Montessori philosophy. Upon successful completion, students will receive an MKU Training Institute Diploma – MKUTI Early Childhood Program.

Upon enrollment, you will be provided a Welcome email with details to access the training platform. Additionally, you will be provided specific instructions to begin this course. We offer rolling admissions; you may enroll anytime. Please keep in mind, this is a time-sensitive training.  You will have 6 months to complete the course. You are responsible for meeting deadlines for timely completion.

Upon successful completion of the EC training, students will have a thorough understanding of the philosophy and teachings and a comprehensive understanding of Montessori education at the primary level (3-6). Students will gain the knowledge to apply their skills in an Early Childhood classroom. You will be prepared to guide and enrich the lives of children in an early childhood classroom.

MKUTI Primary (Ages 3-6 Years) Course Module Overview:

Top 10 Perks of Enrolling

Completely online, self-paced, and open-admission are just a few of the conveniences this MKUTI certification provides, and here are a few more…

1. Enroll at anytime!

After completing the application (link to application below), your enrollment will be processed and you will receive a Welcome Email with instructions for next steps

2. Self-Paced Study

As a Montessorian-in-Training you will have 24/7 access to your Canvas portal and the MKUTI Self-Pacing Tool. Simply input your specific start date, fill in the template, and follow the weekly assignment guide to stay on track with graduation

3. Authentic Training in 6-Months or Less

Curated by experienced Montessori teachers (trained through AMS/AMI/NAMC and other established organizations), you will receive objective Montessori education as well as tips and tricks from the prospective of other educators.

4. Consistent Support

Historically, Montessori training is very self-lead but occurs only within the walls of the Montessori classroom. Through MKUTI, you have constant access to communication with your instructor via Canvas Messaging, Email, Scheduled Live Zoom Support Sessions, and appointments! We answer all questions as soon as possible so you can maintain your own pace through the course

5. Comprehensive Manuals

In addition to all of the online content, Montessorians-in-Training will order and receive a full package of Curriculum Manuals that include step-by-step instructions, photos of materials, and continued reading for child development, health and safety, and more.

6. Interactive Modules

Content for each module is offered in a range of presentations, videos, webinars, readings, and demonstrations, all coinciding with your Montessori Manuals!

7. Access to Job Openings

Montessori Kids Universe is a global company, supporting schools throughout the United States and the Middle East. MKUTI Alumni can view available MKU job postings from around the world and apply online.

8. Real, Applicable Assignments

Your instructor is focused on YOU and your students, not the grade you receive in training. Although an overall percentage is required to be eligible to graduate (See Polices and Procedures) there are still ZERO research-based writing assignments. Instead, you will be using these new tools in the classroom, observing and reflecting, and providing examples that demonstrate your understanding of the material.

9. Graduation Certificate

Nothing is more official than an official Certificate of Completion! Once you complete your modules, attend your required Live Sessions, and have demonstrated a complete understanding of the Montessori basics, you will be mailed your official MKUTI Montessori Teacher Training Certificate

10. Transcript Available

Just request a transcript for professional or educational purposes and we will provide a list of content studied, hours completed, and average score throughout the course.