Our Story


Having opened Montessori schools for decades; 19 schools to date; we were blatantly aware of the global shortage of Montessori teachers. Upon launching the premier network of Montessori schools through-out the world; we knew this shortage needed to be addressed for our school owners. Facing this head on, the decision was made to begin development of our teacher training institute. Aligning with an experienced team of AMI and AMS certified teacher educators; development of MKU Training Institute began in 2016.
We are proud to offer our distance learning, online training platform. MKUTI delves deeply into the Montessori pedagogy and teachings providing each adult student a deep foundation to begin a career in this gratifying profession. Development of this training course has been a laborious project, albeit a labor of love. Our goal is to offer accessible and convenient Montessori teacher education to anyone in the world.

Let us unite to Nurture, Inspire and Educate our children,

Nancy Poulos Boehm / Founder Montessori Kids Universe Training Institute

**Affiliation with a Montessori Kids Universe school is not required to enroll.

Mission Statement

MKU Training Institute commits to delivering authentic Montessori training to all students providing a deep foundation in the Montessori philosophy, methods, materials. Aligned with our team of Montessori certified professionals; we offer rich content, individual support, resources and school engagements where they may apply their skills.

Our Philosophy

MKUTI was founded to offer a cost-effective alternative to bricks and mortar Montessori training centers. Through the convenience and flexibility of training and, MKUTI is committed to helping adult learners meet their career goals. We are dedicated to preserving the tenets and teachings of Montessori as created by Dr. Maria Montessori. Our goal is to make authentic Montessori teacher training programs available and affordable to anyone globally. MKU Training Institute offers education to students worldwide. We offer Montessori distance learning online to anyone who desires to become Montessori trained. You may pursue your training from the comfort of your home; while juggling other work commitments and life’s needs in general. Breaking through the barriers of attending an expensive brick and mortar training center, which involves leaving your home for weeks away from family and friends. MKU Training is the perfect cost-effective solution.

What We Offer

MKU Training Institute is proud to offer the highest distance learning experience for each student. After years of development with a team of AMI and AMS certified educators; MKU Training Institute provides each student with the integration of Montessori philosophy and didactic materials in a balanced and content-rich course of study. The program not only trains the future educator in Montessori theory and educational application but also comprehensively prepares the adult for understanding the child. Each student has an individual tutor to confer with – a certified Montessori educator. This personalized guidance helps students feel connected, fully preparing them for a rewarding career in Montessori education. Brick and mortar teacher training centers are scarce and require students to spend months away from their families. Those desiring training cannot afford the time away or costs associated. Montessori Kids Universe Training Institute provides a solution for the adult learner, cost-effective training from the convenience of their home.

By upholding the true principles of Montessori education, our goal is to educate the adult in:

  • Cultivating the child’s natural desire to learn.
  • Developing the child’s own unique potential.
  • Guiding the child in becoming a confident, compassionate, and productive individual in society.