Early Childhood Classroom Guide

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Montessori Kids Universe Training Institute (MKUTI) is an Early Childhood (3-6) distance-learning, Montessori teacher training program. Students participate through an online training platform, with required readings, lessons, essays, videos, and exams.
Enrollment Information

Early Childhood Program (3-6 years)

6 months to complete.

MKU Training Institute Early Childhood Program delves deeply into the philosophy and pedagogy of Montessori. Students will gain a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the Montessori philosophy. Upon successful completion, students will receive an MKU Training Institute Diploma – MKUTI Early Childhood Program.

Upon enrollment, you will be provided a Welcome email, your training manuals and access to our training platform. Additionally, you will be provided specific instructions to begin this course. We offer rolling admissions, so you may enroll anytime. Please keep in mind, this is a time-sensitive course so you will be required to work toward completion weekly upon enrollment. You will have 6 months to complete the course. Again, this is a time sensitive course; you are responsible for meeting deadlines for completion.
Upon successful completion, students will have a thorough understanding of the philosophy and teachings as well as a comprehensive understanding of Montessori. Students will gain the knowledge to apply their skills in an Early Childhood classroom. Upon successful completion students will receive an MKU Training Institute Diploma.
The MKUTI Early Childhood Course of Study (3-6 years) includes the following study modules:
  • Syllabus
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Maria Montessori and Montessori pedagogy
  • Human Tendencies & Four Planes of Development
  • Sensitive periods and the absorbent mind
  • The Prepared Environment
  • Practical life and sensorial
  • Language arts
  • Mathematics
  • Geography and Geography and history
  • Botany & Zoology
  • Movement and Freedom and Discipline
  • Deviations and Normalization and the role of the adult
  • Observation and material making

Why you should enroll?

We understand that how the lives of every aspiring Montessori educator are. Distance learning takes a lot of self-discipline and so our courses are designed such that it can be coped up within the busy lives. Most of our students work full-time while they acquire their Montessori training. We make the training simpler –
  • Rolling Admissions - you can enroll anytime
  • There is no waiting to join a cohort or discussion group
  • Get content-rich training manuals developed by the Montessori Research and Development (that holds valid all over the world)
  • Comprehensive theories and pedagogy modules with MKUTI Learning modules
  • Offers a deep understanding of the Montessori method in contrast to the other distance learning formats
  • MKUTI was developed through a consortium of professionals including AMI and AMS MACTE certified teachers and trainers. You are sure in the best hands who have aligned the courses with a collaboration of Early Childhood professionals.

Complete Support

MKUTI always looks after its students. With the aim to provide exceptional service right from moment of enrollment, MKUTI will be there to answer all your queries as and when required. The specialised administrative team treats each student with equal importance. They help in guiding and mentoring the students through all sorts of tutoring guidance, academic advice, administrative assistance, along with all other Montessori information that anyone would need. Committed to provide authentic training, MKUTI prepares its students with the highest and the best Montessori education.

MKUTI has an extremely well-established connection with all Montessori Kids Universe schools and many other Montessori schools that meets up the criteria. As and how they are available, we announce it to our students for the  job opportunities and internships.

Simply Accessible

We have a simple enrollment procedure. All you need to do is drop in your email id with the other mentioned details and the experts will get in touch with you with a detailed reply. The required program materials are sent directly to your preferred address. As it is a distance course, you can study as and when it is convenient for you.

Our Success

Our courses for the childhood education program is so designed that it ensures a successful completion. At the end of the course, students are equipped with not just the knowledge but the skill set they require to work in a Montessori environment. MKUTI graduates are successfully employed in schools across the world as they are thoroughly trained in the Montessori philosophy and curriculum. Our time-intensive Distance Learning program involves a lot of introspection and mandatory exams, discussions, papers and evaluations, which at the end creates an exceptionally skilled Montessori educator.

The Demand continues

As you successfully complete the MKUTI Early Childhood Program, you will be ready with the foundation ideas that work in a Montessori environment. More and more millennial parents are interested in getting their children Montessori-trained. Teaching is one of the most prominent industries that is always thriving and the field of early childhood education has a special demand. There are thousands of Montessori schools all across the globe and with demand growing, private schools, charter schools, and public school programs are also looking into including Montessori programs in their curriculum. The need for well-trained Montessori teachers will always be there and this training will keep you in the forefront more than ever.