Why You Should Enroll?

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Set for Success

Our Montessori curriculum is designed to prepare you for success in your educational journey! Upon completion of Montessori teacher certification, students are equipped with knowledge and the skill sets required to work in a Montessori environment. MKUTI graduates are successfully employed in schools across the world as they are thoroughly trained in the Montessori philosophy and curriculum. Our time-intensive Montessori distance education programs involve introspection and mandatory exams, discussions, papers, and evaluations, which all build on developing an exceptionally skilled Montessori educator.

The Demand Continues

As you successfully complete training, you will be equipped with the foundation to begin your work in a Montessori environment. As we see more millennial parents seeking Montessori education for their children, the demand for trained teachers continues to increase. There are thousands of Montessori schools across the globe with growing demand. Private schools, charter schools, and public-school programs are also looking into including Montessori programs in their curriculum. The need for professional distance education programs that can create well-trained Montessori teachers will always exist.